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A changed life

Wow! What an amazing experience this has been in Haiti this week! Truely this has changed my life forever!! The Haitian people are amazing, and this country is absolutely breathtaking! There were so … Read more about A changed life

A changed me

This entire trip was more than I could have ever dreamed of. Each person on my trip was amazing in their own way. Every time we spoke to people , you could see the need in their eyes.  To look … Read more about A changed me

Hope and Healing

This trip has been wonderful and full of hope and healing for me!  We were able to visit an orphanage one day. There was a girl there that touched my heart forever. God used her to talk to me! I … Read more about Hope and Healing

My Baptism

I felt lead to be baptized this summer at my home dates:personal struggles did not allow for it. Arriving in Haiti: and hearing for plans for the beach on Friday: Lee our Fearless Godly … Read more about My Baptism